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Protonwar is a multiplayer focused, Fast paced AFPS with an emphasis on quick and flowing movement.
Featuring team and non-team modes, AI to practice against, and a Horde mode for single player or co-op. Non-VR, Seated VR, or full Room Scale VR for an amazing motion controlled FPS experience!

Includes game modes:
Team Deathmatch
Capture The Flag
Hunt The Flag
Horde Mode
and more!

Includes gameplay Mutators such as:
Bullet Time
Low Gravity
Big Head Mode
All Weapons Mode
Grapple Hooks
and more!

Play with a friend, using your friends list for a Steam P2P game. Or play on our dedicated servers.
Or host your own using the provided dedicated server executable.

Designed for PC players with extensive customization through UI, Config files and Console commands.

SteamVR "Seated" players on the same servers as non-VR players with access to all available game modes!*

*More to come very soon!


Aspid, Assault Rifle
DAMAGE: 6 per hit
Fires 1 bullet every 0.15 seconds
Special: Has scope for zoom
Fires in bursts
DAMAGE: 5 per pellet
Fires 8 pellets at once
Grenade Launcher
DAMAGE: Direct hit 50 damage
Splash damage radius of 300cm's
Rocket Launcher
DAMAGE: Direct hit 50 damage
Splash damage radius of 300cm's
Photon Gun
DAMAGE: Direct hit 12 damage
Splash damage radius of 300cm's
Fires 1 photon ball ever 0.15 seconds
Fires at a much faster rate than the rocket and emits a blue fiery ball of photon energy.
DAMAGE: Direct hit 6 damage
Fires a fast beam of electrons at a rate of 1 hit per 0.08 seconds.
This is the fastest weapon featured in the game.
Has limited range.
Sniper Rifle
DAMAGE: 40 Damage
Fires a single bullet so fast it creates a trail of electricity.
Perfect for long distant fights.
Special: Has scope for zoom
An original map with a dark dungeon environment, 4-6 players, very atmospheric!
Swamp Lands
Can you dominate the swamps with the sniper rifle?!
Similar in concept to DM-Ruins but better suited to 2-4 players
Ruins in a lush environment with plants and rocks
Extra large version of DM-Overgrown, great for CTF or Team Death Match
Ruins in a lush environment with plants and rocks
An original map designed to be good for cover shooter play, 4-6 players, perfect for Standing VR
Night time version of DM-Ruins with an airy sci-fi feeling
Trinity Station
An original Sci-Fi themed map suited for 2-4 players, also great for Duels.
An original map that consists of floating platforms and ramps in space.
Small to Medium sized map that plays well with 3-6 players.
Matches quickly escalating into funny moments as you knock your enemies off into the abyss of space.
Features Double Damage power up.
A Medium sized arena good for 3-6 players
Inspired by Quake with a Castle theme to bring some variety to map selection.
Features double jump jump spots, jump pads, and teleports.
A version of the classic Aerowalk map from Quake, originally made by "Preacher"
A small map plays excellent for Duels, or matches with 2-3 players.
Featured in almost every FPS game ever made.
More on the way shortly!
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Proton War